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Updated: 25/04/2008
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Shopping Carts in the UK

Paintworkzstudio Shopping Cart and E-Commerce solution provides a turn-key shop cart with it's revolutionary web based admin console. One of the worlds most easy to use web based administration system with award winning features allows the merchant to build an online store capable of competing with the webs most powerful sites for a simple.

Our shopping cart provides web-based ecommerce software to businesses interested in maximizing their success. The shopping cart software can be used to sell directly to consumers or to other businesses and can differentiate between customer types. Paintworkzstudio ecommerce solution maximizes profit by focusing on increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

Award Winning Shopping Cart Software!

E-Commerce and Shopping Carts UK is a term that describes how goods and services are sold over the World Wide Web. To partake in e-commerce means a website must be built to accommodate all aspects of ecommerce from the listing of goods and services to the ability to process payment via an ecommerce payment gateway such as PayPal, Worldpay etc. Many companies involved in ecommerce wish to sell their goods and services outside their national boundaries and ecommerce is an effective way for companies or individuals to do this.  This is where Paintworkzstudio E-Commerce solutions excel

Shopping Cart | E-Commerce

Thousands of shopping cart merchants trust their vital ecommerce operations to Paintworkzstudio. Why? Because we deliver integrated, customizable web-based online shopping cart platform for companies of all sizes, on an easy-to-learn and manage Web-based platform. We include full website design in the package, full search engine optimizationand on going support.
  • Professional shopping cart designs
  • Powerful shopping cart checkout
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Flexible inventory & shipping options
  • 24/7 FREE customer support
  • NO transaction fees
  • Industry-leading reliability & security
  • Easy Shopping Cart Interface

Bespoke Ecommerce and Shop Cart Solutions UK

Our flexible, affordable ecommerce and shop cart solutions are designed to help you reach your goals - whether you're just getting started with a small business or are ready to grow your online business. Get started now by contacting us.

E-commerce and Shop Cart Features UK

Greater Product Control

Advanced product display options such as Automatic Extended Descriptions and Kit Configuration, built in integration for PayPal and UPS Real-Time, and order confirmation emails to merchant and customer. The Value Pac also contains the Inventory Products Module which allows you to accurately monitor stock.


Display your site in any language and display prices in any currency.

Payment Security

Shared SSL and Credit Card Encryption are supported, providing a safer shopping experience for your customers.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Give your customers more features such as the ability to offer cross selling products, buy one get one free, and unlimited products and categories. You can even offer your customers the ability to make donations!

Flexible Pricing

Customer based pricing allows you to apply different prices to different customers, so your wholesale and retail customers can pay different amounts. Quantity Based Pricing allows you to apply discounts for bulk purchases.

Enhanced Administration Features

Administration includes Search Term Recording, a Stock Low Report, a Products Sold Report and the ability to review past orders through the web-based administration console.

Added Features

  • Gift certificates
  • Discount coupons
  • Affiliate system
  • Mailing enhancements
  • Product reviews and comments
  • Order tracking
  • Bulk importing
  • Secure downloads
  • Static HTML Generation
  • Project payments
  • SMS Facilities

Gift Certificates

A customer can buy gift certificates, which can be used to pay for any products in your shop. They can be used multiple times until the amount is used up.

You can create your own unique gift message using a plain text editor such as notepad. Each recipient of the gift certificate will receive both the merchants’ message and the senders’ message.

The merchant can control gift certificates by specifying use-by dates, a maximum amount value and whether to activate them automatically.

Certificates can be automatically or manually activated on purchase. If they are manually activated the merchant must simply update one field in the gift certificate record after verifying payment has been made.

Discount Coupons

Any number of different coupons can be created by the merchant. They can provide a discount to a specific product, a category of products or all products. The merchant can control discount coupons by specifying a start date, an end date and a limit to the number of uses.

Affiliate System

This allows you to associate sales you are making with specific affiliates or distributors and records from which other site a customer came to your site. This system provides you with detailed reports on the number of visits, number of sales, commission and automatic registration of the affiliate.

Mailing Enhancements

Standard bulk mailing facilities are enhanced to allow HTML formatted mails. Personalized bulk e-mail can be sent by merging information from the database with a mailing template that you create.

At the end of an order, you can create a list of people to be mailed in addition to the normal customer and merchant e-mails. Any number of e-mails can be sent on the completion of the order. For example you could e-mail the sales department, shipping department and your mobile phone. Each e-mail can use a different template.

Customer Product Reviews and Comments

Customers can review and make comments on any product. The merchant can optionally be mailed each time a review is made. Review averages can be automatically displayed when a product is displayed.

Project Payments

Use your shop to collect payments for non product services such as consulting and eBay auctions.

Order Tracking

Merchants can write messages to customers regarding delivery or shipping. Customers receive e-mail and can view order tracking messages using the cart service centre.

Messages can be hidden from customers and be directed to departments within the organization. Full database logging of all messages shows a complete "conversation" or status of the order.

Bulk Importing

Products, categories and any other table can be imported into the database tables. Field matching for individual tables can be selected per table.

Static HTML Generation

All your products can be statically generated in plain HTML for better search engine indexing.

Secure Downloads

Ability to deliver digital products via hyperlinks and applying date and count limits. .

SMS Facilities

Ability to send SMS messages on order completion. May require customization to handle your individual SMS service.

Random Product Scroller

With this simple scroller you can display all your products randomly, on any one of your cart page.

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